Obesity is serious medical condition which is associated    with the following conditions.

   a. Increased Blood Pressure.
   b. Increased risk of coronary heart diseases.
   c. Increased risk of Diabetes.
   d. In women, an increased risk of breast and uterine        cancer.

   Being over weight can take years of your life as well as    reducing your potential, vitality and functions.

  Proper weight maintenance is thus very important in    establishing optimal health and vitality.

   Weight lose on starvation or VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diets    e.g. Liquid diets)    usually results in loss of water and    protein (muscle tissue) and not fat.

  For slimming we do a medical check up and decide    whether a patient  requires pills, ultra tone & cellulite    treatment or both.

   Pills are two Appetite suppressants and Fat blockers. The    pills are given on weekly basis. These pills have no side    effects and safe. The new fat blocking    pill cuts down fat    by 30%.

   Body Toning

   Cellulite Treatment

   Detox Therapy