Toxin is the major cause of all disease to human. The life   span and health of a man is determined by the amount of   toxin they carry in their body. Accumulation of toxin will   deteriorate your health, day by day without you realising.   Therefore, to ensure a healthy living and longer life, these   toxin must be removed from your body.

  The latest technology to remove toxin has arrived just in   time for you. Experience the latest and the most complete   detoxifying treatment to refresh, rebalance and rejuvenate   yourself.

  Detoxification removes unwanted toxin from your body.
  -  Soothes headache, neck pain and relieves swollen joints.
  -  Cleans up body rashes and pimples.
  -  Removes dark circles around your eyes and eye bags.
  -  Gets rid of yellow-green and blotched complexion.
  -  Relieves high blood pressure, diabetics and asthma.
  -  Helps to reduce your weight.