Microdermabrasion & Laser Treatment

  Indications: Acne
  Acne Scars
  Dead cells
  Facial rejuvenation
  Enlarged pores
  Rough course textured skin
  Age spot
  Localised or diffused hyperpigmentation
  Mild melasma
  Stretch marks

  The microdermabrasion is an innovative approach for a   peeling technique. By performing progressive and   controlled exfoliation of the skin, it helps to improve or   correctskin abnormalities that originate in the epidermis   and most superficial layers of the dermis. It utilised   Aluminums Oxide Crystals for the exfoliation. They are   finest crystals that are used as abasing agents and do   not have any biological effect on the skin. They are   supplied as a sterile and non-reusable powder.

  During the procedure flow of inert micro crystals is projected across the skin through the hand piece.   It has a small hole which when placed on the surface of the skin creates a vacuum effect. That   generates a flow of microcrystal. This will clear the dead cells on the face.

  Next laser is applied on the skin . It will improve the blood circulation to the skin. Now skin will grow   over the area the dead cells are cleared. Next mineral mask will be applied to clear any existing dead   cells. The lifting cream and sunscreen will applied.

Duration of procedure :-

  20 minutes to half on hour at weekly once.

  Cost :- Rs.2000 to 2500 depending on the scar.

  The response varies from person to person depending on the
   1. Age of the patient
   2. Age of the scar   
   3. Type of skin
   4. Depth of scar
   5. Cause of scar.